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I am thrilled to hear about your exceptional experience with Loan 23! As a new and small business owner, finding a reliable funding company to assist with payroll advances can be challenging, but it seems you found the perfect solution with Loan 23. T

Richard Geere,Manager

Loan 23 has proven to be an exceptional asset to my business. Their ease of collaboration and prompt responses to my emails have been commendable. When venturing into the world of business, having a reliable team by your side is crucial, and Loan 23 has provided exactly that.

Bobby Brown,IT-startup owner

What do we require?


  • 6 months in business minimum
  • $100K annual revenue minimum
  • A business bank account
  • A US based business

GEt funding

Working Capital Advance

Easy payment structures offer amounts with fast turnaround, Simple and easy process to access working capital.

  • Flexible – no collateral required
  • $5K – $50K
  • Automatic daily or weekly, or semi-monthly payments

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Loan23 is a dedicated financial service provider that aims to empower all small business owners by assisting them with their financing needs. We understand the unique challenges faced by small businesses, and we are committed to offering tailored lending solutions to support their growth and stability.

The minimum annual revenue required for a business to apply for a loan from Loan23 is $50,000. This requirement helps ensure that your business has the financial stability necessary to repay the loan.

No, only businesses based in the United States are eligible to apply for a loan from Loan23. We currently do not offer services to businesses located outside the US.

Your business needs to be operational for a minimum period of six months to qualify for a loan from Loan23. This requirement helps us verify that your business has a track record and is not a startup without any operating history.

The process from application review to loan approval typically takes 24 hours. Once you submit all required documents and information, our team will review the application and you should receive a decision within this time frame.