About us

Loan 23 provides quick and simple financing options for US businesses, especially small ones. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 for support, making the application process easy. We’re committed to helping small businesses succeed with tailored financial solutions. Count on us to support your growth.

We understand the crucial role small businesses play in the economy and are committed to their success. Join us in supporting and investing in their growth today!

Our Mission

Loan 23 specializes in crafting customized funding solutions to meet the specific needs of small businesses. Whether you require working capital or short-term loans, we provide efficient financing options. Our approach is built on fostering lasting relationships, comprehending your objectives, and creating personalized solutions.

Through collaborative partnerships, we facilitate access to valuable resources that drive business growth. Reach out to us today to partner with a financial ally who comprehends your distinctive requirements and is dedicated to fueling your success.

The team

ceo co-founder

Vladimir Chamovskikh

CEO, Co-Founder

Founding of 5 successful companies in different industries. Partnerships with the largest companies in the USA.

ceo co-founder

Alexey Serbinov


A member of the bank’s board of directors. In his professional career, he has served on the boards of 50 different companies operating in various markets.

We are a dedicated group of professionals who are ready to provide the help you need.

Whether you have questions, need guidance, or encounter any issues, we’ve got your back.

Our team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction and making your experience as smooth as possible.

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